Program for Biomedical Ethics

About Us

The Program for Biomedical Ethics at Yale School of Medicine provides multidisciplinary leadership regarding the ethical and social aspects of health care and medical research.

Our interdisciplinary team draws upon philosophy, law and social and behavioral sciences to provide expert biomedical ethics consultations for families, researchers, physicians and other health care providers. Additionally, the Program for Biomedical Ethics develops and presents various ethics-related educational programs throughout the academic year for medical, nursing and physician assistant students, the community, Yale faculty as well as local, regional and national health care professionals.

Mark Mercurio, MD, MA , is the Director of the Program for Biomedical Ethics. The Associate Directors of the Program for Biomedical Ethics are Lydia Dudgale, MD and John Schley Hughes, MD .

Goals for the Program for Biomedical Ethics

  • Support a community of faculty and students interested in biomedical ethics at Yale School of Medicine.
  • Coordinate medical and physician assistant student educational activities related to medical ethics, including support and guidance for students who choose bioethics as a topic for their thesis or participation in the MHS program.
  • Serve as a resource and assist in the coordination of activities related to medical ethics for the Office of Clinical Affairs.
  • Serve as a resource and assist in the coordination of activities related to medical ethics for research, graduate school and post-graduate education programs.



Contact Information

The phone number for the Program for Biomedical Ethics is 203.737.5943.

Welcome from the Director

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The Program for Biomedical Ethics (PBE) serves as a center for clinical and scholarly work and discourse in the field of medical ethics here at Yale, with many activities available to you. Some of our activities include: 

The Community Bioethics Forum, led by Lori Bruce, is a monthly meeting of community members interested in medical ethics, and they have an exciting year planned. If you are interested in obtaining input from representatives of the greater New Haven Community (with no formal ties to the university or hospital), with regard to a research or clinical initiative, this group can serve as an excellent resource.