Welcome from the Director

Mark Mercurio, MD, MA, Director, Program for Biomedical Ethics

The Program for Biomedical Ethics (PBE) serves as a center for clinical and scholarly work and discourse in the field of medical ethics here at Yale, with many activities available to you. Some of our activities include: 

The Community Bioethics Forum, led by Lori Bruce, is a monthly meeting of community members interested in medical ethics, and they have an exciting year planned. If you are interested in obtaining input from representatives of the greater New Haven Community (with no formal ties to the university or hospital), with regard to a research or clinical initiative, this group can serve as an excellent resource. 

Dr. Jack Hughes, our outstanding PBE Associate Director, and I, continue to direct the “Professional Responsibility” course for the medical students in their first 18 months, and are grateful for the participation of many talented faculty. 

The Student Bioethics Interest Group, led by medical student Eli Neustadter and physician associate student Christina Carbone, is also very active this year, with some great speakers lined up for their monthly evening seminars. This group is open to medical, nursing, PA, and Public Health students with a particular interest in bioethics, and offers an unusual opportunity for interdisciplinary education and interaction in the pre-clinical setting. Thanks to those of you who are helping out with that! 

If you are interested in becoming more involved in any of these activities, I encourage you to contact our Program Manager Karen Kolb, at karen.kolb@yale.edu, or stop by our office at 430 Congress Ave to say hello. 

We have an outstanding array of visiting speakers for the Evening Ethics Seminar Series, and you will find the schedule attached. This year’s speakers will include Josephine Johnston and Dr. Erik Parens from the Hasting Center, Dr. Alan Fleischman from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Author Dr. Abraham Nussbaum from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Dr. Lachlan Forrow from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dr. Robert Macauley from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Dr. David Strauss from Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Mary Dell from Nationwide Children’s’ Hospital, Dr. Katrina Karkazis from Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics as well as Drs. Thomas P. Duffy, Andre Sofair, Adam Hittelman and Pasquale Patrizio from here at Yale School of Medicine, and other great guests. It will indeed be an exciting year. These sessions tend to be informative, often provocative, and always interesting, with plenty of time for audience discussion. And with some good snacks and beverages as well. You are quite welcome to any or all of these sessions. It’s a great way to end a hard day’s work. I look forward to seeing you at as many as your time and interests dictate. And, please share this note with any colleague you think might be interested.

Join us! 

Mark Mark R. Mercurio, MD, MA 

Director, Program for Biomedical Ethics 

Chief, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Professor of Pediatrics 

Yale University School of Medicine 

P.O. Box 208064 333 Cedar St. 

New Haven, CT 06520 

Office location: 430 Congress Ave. 

Office phone: (203) 688-2320 

Email: mark.mercurio@yale.edu